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Ryan Sim

Ryan Sim

Trust Ryan to always share his beauty reviews and give you the first scoop on all drool-worthy limited edition collections and trendsetting products! When Ryan is not being nagged by his cat, Tiger, a short-hair tabby, he loves sharing his beauty reviews and daily ramblings on his IG.

About Ryan Sim

Q: Funniest or craziest thing you've ever witness in an elevator.
A: A neighbour's dog refused to leave with its owner when they've reached their level and insisted on sitting beside me. It was odd, but cute!

Q: Would you rather have a pet dinosaur or pet dragon?
A: Pet dragon. I'm born in the year of the dragon. AND I have Chinese word for dragon in my name.

Q: Whasssssuuuupppppp?
A: Netflix-ing, Viu-ing, Disney+-ing, and just snacking on some sun melons and browsing holiday destinations for whenever! Gotta keep a list!

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