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This Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil Effortlessly Melts Makeup Away

02 Dec 2021 - By Hong Lyeon

Featuring organic coconut oil, this extra-gentle, vegan cleansing oil promises to dissolve makeup and other impurities in a single step. We put Aromatica’s Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil through its paces. Keep reading for our full product review.


The all important first step in any skincare routine is a good cleanse. Going to sleep with makeup on or applying treatments to skin that hasn’t been properly cleansed can lead to nasty flare ups. Whether you prefer a cleansing foam, cleansing pad or cleansing water, you can be sure about one thing, and that is anyone can benefit from using an oil cleanser.

Cleansing Oils serve the same function as other cleansing products in that they help remove impurities such as makeup, sebum and dirt off your skin. But unlike the more common cleansing foams, cleansing oils do not lather but instead bind to impurities - especially oil based impurities like sebum - to gently remove them off your skin without stripping it.

Typically made from one or more skin-healthy natural oils, cleansing oils do more than just deliver a good cleanse but are often formulated to help maintain, replenish and even nourish your skin. I tried Aromatica’s Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil to see if it can live up to its promise of removing makeup in a single step - spoiler alert,  it does, and then some.


Some Skin Context

Choosing the right cleanser is really important to me, not only because it’s the all-important first step but because my skin tends to be dry and sensitive. Add to the fact that I use makeup daily, my end of day cleansing routine is a must  but often ends with my skin feeling drier than the Sahara.

As a reviewer, I’ve tried a variety of cleansing products and routines, from foam cleansers to waters, balms and makeup removers and more, but my go to is a oil-foam double cleanse routine. So I was intrigued, if somewhat sceptical, when I read on the label that the Natural Coconut Oil Cleanser from Aromatica is a “unique one-step cleanser”.


What’s In It?

Organic coconut oil, obviously, features in this vegan and clean formulation. Coconut Oil has a multitude of health benefits from helping weight loss to improving heart health and digestion but it is also a skin healthy oil that is super hydrating with strong antimicrobial properties, making them an excellent oil to use in a cleanser.

coconut cleansing oil

Despite its name, the Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil actually contains other oils such as nutritive sunflower and almond oils, calming and anti-ageing lavender and apricot seed oil, brightening citrus oils like orange and lemon and even olive oil! In fact, all the ingredients in this cleansing oil are EWG-Green meaning it has the highest level of product safety and low levels of irritation.

Lots of cleansing oils are filled with fillers made in labs, chemicals, preservatives and synthetic fragrances but not this cleansing oil. If you’re already familiar with Aromatica then you will know that they are a clean beauty brand that focuses on clean, natural ingredients and sustainability. And if you’re not, then the Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil is a great product to get introduced to as it is vegan, clean and safe.


Application and Use: Worked As Advertised

Moistening my hands, it was convenient enough to dispense the cleanser with the pump. I was given a bottle with a pump but was told that it would be replaced with a flip-cap as part of Aromatica’s sustainability efforts to cut packaging waste. I can imagine it being a little tricky dispensing more mid-cleanse without the pump but that’s just a minor inconvenience.

You can use this cleanser both in your morning and evening routines or as the first step in your double cleanser routine. For the purpose of this review, I used it as a single-step cleanser in the mornings and as a single-step cleanser in the evenings, for a period, then as the first step in a double cleanse routine.

As a morning cleanser, it worked as advertised, removing all my night creams, excess sebum and other impurities off my skin and left my skin feeling smooth, soft and supple. There was no indication of tightness and as expected, it did not lather into a foam but still left my skin feeling thoroughly cleansed.

It also effortlessly dissolved my makeup at the end of the day though I did have to use a little more for heavier or waterproof makeup. Still, it did its job impressively. Used around the eyes, it removed my waterproof makeup without irritating the eyes which I loved as too many oil cleansers contain artificial ingredients, chemicals and emulsifiers that can cause irritation to the eyes.

cleansing oil makeup remover

Force of habit eventually made me revert back to a double cleanse in the evenings out of paranoia more than anything else but I think the Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil can work as a single-step cleanser in the mornings and in the evenings for those that don’t typically wear heavy makeup. If you wear heavy makeup, a double-cleanse would still be advised to remove any residue that couldn’t be thoroughly rinsed off. 


Scent and Texture: Surprisingly Pleasant

The Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil has a lovely golden colour and a light, watery texture that’s akin to a thick sugar syrup, you know, the kind you add into your ice tea. The texture made it easy to massage into all the crevices of my face and despite it being a cleansing oil, it did not feel oily at all and was a breeze to rinse off even with cold water.

If you know me, you would know that I’m not a fan of the smell of coconut oil. So, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the scent of this cleansing oil. It did have the overpowering smell of typical fragrance-laden mass market sunscreens and can be best described as lavender with a hint of coconut.

coconut cleansing oil texture


The Results: Impressive

Overall, I was impressed by the Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil. In all use cases it did its job better than other cleansers, especially, oil cleansers that I’ve tried over the years. It definitely works as a morning cleanser to remove your night creams and other treatments without stripping your skin in a single-step. I would definitely recommend it as a single-step morning cleanser.

As a makeup remover and evening cleanser it also worked reasonably well but I won’t be too quick to abandon your double-cleanse routine especially if you are in the habit of wearing heavier makeup. Nevertheless, this is an excellent oil cleanser and it did not irritate my eyes much which makes it a standout oil cleanser if you intend to use this as a makeup remover!

The scent was pleasant adding to the entire experience of using this oil cleanser and it rinsed off easily. It left my skin feeling moisturised and without any hint of tightness, and all ready for my follow on skincare treatments. As someone with sensitive skin, I am happy to report that it did not cause me any problems at all.


Final Verdict

This cleansing oil is really good and I would recommend it for all skin types. It worked exceptionally for my dry sensitive skin but would also work well for those with combination skin or oily complexions. The all natural, plant-based oils will help to break down excess sebum without drying your skin causing sebum production to go into hyperdrive.

Aromatica’s Natural Cleansing Oil is priced at $58 for a bottle making this a premium cleansing oil. Looking at the ingredients list, you do start to understand why this is a premium product. Most of the ingredients that go into this product are certified organic with no added chemicals, and completely plant-based - attention vegans!

Though it is slightly on the pricey side you would still have a way to go to get to the $100 prices that cleansing oils from luxury brands like Estee Lauder or SK-II sell at. Furthermore, with the Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil, a little does go a long way, and the generous 300ml or 10.1 fl oz bottle does seem to last forever. So overall, I would still say this is a product worth adding to any skincare regimen.

About the writer
Hong Lyeon

Hong Lyeon, a native South Korean, is the founder of Asian Beauty X and our resident beauty expert. She enjoys sharing her experiences, tips and reviews, and skin-loving recipes and when she's not telling the rest of us what to do, she has been known to cook up a mean storm.

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