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Angeline Heng

Angeline Heng

A fashion enthusiast and also a massive chaser for clean skin everyday. Her skincare routine is first when she wakes up and last before she heads to bed. She also enjoys sharing holy-grail skincare products that she tries and loves to her friends and followers.

About Angeline Heng

Q: What's your favourite childhood Disney movie?
A: My answer has and always be the same. Beauty and the Beast. I always love how Belle is kind and smart, and an absolute bookworm which I wish I was. She also always see good in other people and treats them with love despite knowing taht she's known as the "different" one.

Q: Funniest or craziest thing you've ever witnessed in an elevator?
A: I was taking the lift up when it suddenly shudder to a stop in between levels. I thought I was alone but I noticed a small bug that was inside the lift too. You might think I was going to panic but I actually found it funnt how both os us are stuck in the same lift. I thought to myslef 'guess I wasn't stuck alone in a lift". A few minute later, the lift functioned normally again and when I got out to text my friends, I said, "I got stcuk in a lift with a bug."

Q: Where is your favourite beauty activity to treat yourself?
A: Masking nights. I I truly love and cherish my masking nights after a long and hectic day. Masking and watching a Netflix movie is a great way for me to wind down and enjoy a me time before I ehad to bed.

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