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The Pure Lotus’ Deep Hydrators

14 Jun 2019 - By Julia Mia

Great for dehydrated and dry skin, these lightweight moisturisers pack a serious boost of moisture without leaving any greasy feel on the skin. Find out how these hydrators from The Pure Lotus keep your skin soft and supple.


Everyone needs a face moisturiser, even those who have oily skin. As we age, the skin starts to lose its ability to retain moisture in the skin, and a moisturiser works to bind moisture from the surroundings into the skin and seal in moisture to prevent skin from losing more moisture to the air.

Finding a face moisturiser seems easy enough. Face moisturisers are one and plenty. However, if you have very dry or very oily skin, finding a moisturiser that’s hydrating enough without leaving skin looking greasy or sticky can be a challenge. For deep-hydrating skincare formulas, look no further than these offerings from The Pure Lotus. Hailing from Jeju Island in South Korea, The Pure Lotus is one of only five skincare brands in the world allowed to bear the proud and exclusive "made in Jeju" label. 

The Pure Lotus Essence, Jeju Lotus Leaf Essence Lotion and Jeju Lotus Leaf Revitalizing Cream work—individually and as a whole—to hydrate the skin and keep it superbly hydrated all day. At the centre of these hydrators is the lotus leaf extract harvested from the white lotus flower found in the pond of the Jeju Beob Hwa Temple in Jeju. Found to be rich in antioxidants, antibiotics, and flavonoids, this ingredient protects the skin against environmental damage for brighter, more balanced and hydrated skin.

Beob Hwa Temple, Jeju Island - The lotus plants from which the lotus leaf extract is lovingly harvested from has grown on the ground of this temple for over 800 years.


The Pure Lotus Jeju Leaf Essence (89% Lotus Leaf Extract)

A quick recap: a skincare essence is a hybrid skincare product that can be used in different ways, depending on your skin needs. For those who prefer a basic skincare routine of cleanser, toner, moisturiser, and sunscreen, a skincare essence treats the skin as a toner and serum. If you need a little more skin-loving care, the essence can work as a light serum after your toner.

The Pure Lotus Essence brings a lot to the table. First of all, instead of water, this is made with the antioxidant-rich lotus leaf extract, which makes up 89% of the Essence. also has glycerin, a moisturising ingredient, which helps maintain an optimal moisture level in the skin. Adenosine in the product works to soothe skin, while niacinamide helps hydrate, soothe and strengthen the skin barrier.

You’ll find that a little goes a long way with the Essence; one pump is enough for the entire face. It absorbs in seconds, won’t leave any sticky or greasy feel, and skin feels comfortably hydrated and soft. It helps to calm skin redness and itchiness, too.

The Pure Lotus Deep Hydrators

The Pure Lotus Jeju Lotus Leaf Essence Lotion (70% Lotus Leaf Extract)

Packed with hydrating ingredients like glycerin, niacinamide, and allantoin—in addition to the brand’s lotus leaf extract—The Pure Lotus Essence Lotion means business. Like the Essence from the same range, the Essence Lotion does not contain water. It is made with 70% lotus leaf extract that protects against skin-damaging free radicals. This lightweight moisturiser is good for all skin types and is also made to help balance the sebum and moisture levels in your skin to leave your skin balanced, and dewy-looking.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t enjoy the feel of moisturiser on your skin, you’d love The Pure Lotus Essence Lotion. Its lotion consistency is a hydrating, lightweight dream come true. When you spread the lotion over your skin, it transforms into a watery texture that’s emollient enough to allow you to be massaged over the skin with pulling at it. This moisturiser gets absorbed instantly into the skin and can also soothe any skin redness. Despite its light texture, it leaves dehydrated, and combination-oily skin types deeply hydrated throughout the day and sufficiently moisturised over the night. Two to three pumps are enough to cover your face, neck, nape and décolleté. If your skin is naturally dry, or if you’re bringing this moisturiser to a cold country, you can also wear this lotion under a richer moisturiser.


The Pure Lotus Jeju Lotus Leaf Revitalizing Cream

The Pure Lotus Jeju Lotus Leaf Revitalizing Cream locks in moisture for the long haul with a slew of ingredients such as 10% lotus leaf extract, betaine, beeswax, and sea buckthorn oil. Aside from its primary function of creating a moisture barrier over the skin, this buttery cream promises to strengthen the skin barrier for healthy skin.





Asian Beauty X - The Pure Lotus Jeju Lotus Leaf Revitalizing Cream

Made for all skin types, this face moisturiser has a texture that resembles lightly melted butter. This makes the application a dream, as it glides over the skin like a massage cream and penetrates easily like a lightweight lotion. If your skin is very dry, or very dehydrated, and you live in a hot, humid climate, you would love how this cream intensely hydrates skin without leaving any greasy or sticky sensation. On days where you prefer to skip makeup, this leaves a radiant sheen on your complexion. Some might even say that you look like you have base makeup on (#truestory).






Asian Beauty X - The Pure Lotus Jeju Lotus Complete Skincare Set

Jeju Lotus Leaf Essence (89% Lotus Leaf Extract), $69, Jeju Lotus Leaf Essence Lotion (70% Lotus Leaf Extract), $69 and the Jeju Lotus Leaf Revitalizing Cream, $58, are all available now on www.asianbeautyx.com.

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Julia Mia

Julia Mia, a woman who needs her full 8 hours of beauty sleep, is an avid fan of coffee with a fiery passion for writing and a flair for creativity. When she's not at her desk typing away, you'll find her in the kitchen, cooking Korean cuisines with her kids in the kitchen.

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