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No One Can Beet This Honey Cleanser

14 Apr 2021 - By Stacy Lui

Oh, honey! This sweet ingredient is known as one of nature's best creations. Be your best self with this Honey Cleanser from W.ant Skincare that is made with 60% unrefined raw honey. Find out why no one can Beet This Honey Cleanser!


When people ask me why I feel proud about being a Singaporean, the first thing that comes to my mind is our local cuisine. Our local food goes beyond taste but each dish carries a history and comes from different races which makes it unique and delicious.

But recently, I discovered more things that make me really proud of being a Singaporean. I came across a local brand that specialises in creating handmade “clean beauty” skincare products. Yes, you heard me right! A homegrown skincare brand called W.ANT Skincare.

Before I dive into reviewing one of their most raved about products, Beet This Honey Cleanser, let us understand more about W.ANT Skincare.


The Next Singapore's Pride, W.ANT Skincare

W.ANT Skincare is an ethical skincare brand founded in 2016 by Winona Tan. W.ANT skincare strives to be a chemical-free, synthetics-free and cruelty-free brand and they only use sustainably sourced and fair trade ingredients in their skincare products.

They offer skincare along with body care products. All of their products are handcrafted from pure botanical oils, minerals and other natural ingredients. On top of that, W.ANT Skincare also believes that beauty extends to being gracious. Hence, they contribute back to local communities for every product sold.


First Impressions

The golden liquid is packed in a glass bottle that comes in 100ml/3.38 fl oz (a 50ml/1.69 fl oz). The bottle looks minimalist with its simple clear glass design. Under lightning, the honey cleanser shines almost like a bottle of gold. Though it is aesthetically pleasing, it can be slightly heavy since it is contained in a glass bottle which might not be the most travel friendly.

beet this honey cleanser want skincare

When I tried to pump the cleanser out of the bottle, it was a little hard to control the amount that I could pump out due to how thick it is. The consistency of the cleanser is slightly thicker than usual and the texture feels slightly grainy and sticky -  just like honey because it is! It has a light scent of honey and jojoba oil.

I then applied the cleanser onto my damp skin and massage it in a circular motion. The cleanser felt a little heavy on my skin, probably due to the 60% unrefined raw honey used. Despite being slightly thicker, it was easy to lather onto the skin and it does not foam up.

When I washed it off, my skin felt really soft, supple and refreshing. The scent does not stay on the skin for long. However, one thing to be mindful of is that my skin still feels a bit oily after washing off the cleanser.

Personally, I am fine with it as it gives my face a slight glow and my skin does not feel dry after a whole day in an air-conditioned environment. If you are concerned about it, do a double cleanse to remove the residue oil.

Nonetheless, the effects of this cleanser were clear in just a few days. This Beet This Honey cleanser is definitely one of the best cleansers that I have used. My skin looks much clearer and my skin feels very moisturized.


A Divine Concoction of 6 Super Ingredients

Having seen the effects of the cleanser, I cannot help but wonder what goes into the cleanser aside from Honey and Beet.

honey cleanser

It is only made using 6 ingredients and all of these ingredients are natural.

1. Raw honey: It is made with 60% unrefined raw honey which is known to speed up the skin cells’ healing process. Honey is also a natural moisturizer and exfoliator which nourishes and gives your skin a healthy glow.

2. Jojoba oil: It helps regulate sebum production and the oil is also able to penetrate into deeper layers of the skin for maximum nourishment.

3. Safflower oil: An excellent moisturizing facial oil that is quickly absorbed into the skin without clogging pores.

4. Palmarosa oil: Known to hydrate, prevent inflammation and promotes healing of cuts and bruises.

5. Red Beet powder: Beet keeps your skin glowing and healthy. It helps to clear blemishes and evens out your skin tone which gives a natural glow.

6. Vegetable Glycerin: Great for retaining moisture, repairing damage and protecting against environmental irritants.


Final Thoughts

It was my first time trying a handmade cleanser and W.ANT Skincare has definitely surpassed my expectations with this unique formulation that’s all natural and made from ingredients that are safe and sustainable. Despite being such a simple formulation (only 6 ingredients), it worked really well for me and I love that it not only serves as a cleanser but also a moisturizer!

However, do note that the consistency is thicker and it does leave a moisturising, protective layer that can feel a little “heavy” for some of us with skin on the oilier side. In all honesty, it did get some getting used to but after a week or two, this cleanser really started to grow on me.

Last but not least, I also love this cleanser’s price tag. Clean beauty, handmade, natural and organic skincare products tend to come with a premium on the price tag. Though I would not call it cheap, at $59 for this 100% organic and natural cleanser, I don’t think I could find a better deal than this elsewhere!

All in all, I would recommend Beet This Honey Cleanser, $59 (100ml) for those looking for a natural, clean beauty cleanser handmade in Singapore! As it is quite rich, I would recommend this cleanser for dry and mature skin types or combination skin that’s on the drier side. If you are unsure, a smaller 50ml bottle is also available at $30.

About the writer
Stacy Lui

Stacy Liu, an American-born Chinese, is the beauty editor at Asian Beauty X obsessively writing about new beauty launches, the best hair products, and the skincare formulas that really work for every skin type.

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