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Good Things Come In Pairs: The Flesette Visible Repair Eye Cream & Galvanic Intensifier

27 Feb 2021 - By Adeline Miller

Get your anti-ageing game right with Flesette’s Visible Repair Eye Cream and Galvanic Intensifier Set! If bright, plump skin around your eyes is what you’re after, you need this set in your skincare routine. Find out why Adeline Miller fell in love with this award winning eye treatment set!


“Your eyes are the window to your soul”, a phrase that I agree with strongly. The eyes are usually one of the first things people will notice about a person. Every wrinkle around the eye, every sparkle of excitement, glimmer of hope and even dark circle tell a story.

As a young lady, I was not so much into eye creams as wrinkles were far from my greatest concern. But a few incidents where my friends, and even acquaintances, have told me how tired my eyes looked before we even started a conversation changed all that.

The growing self-consciousness eventually sparked an interest in eye creams and eye care as I sought different ways and methods to rid myself off my “eye issues” and that interest that eventually turned into a quest to find the perfect eye cream.

I started exploring this whole new exciting and complicated world of skincare. And since I really wanted to improve the skin around my eye, I was especially interested in eye creams. This was when I chanced upon the Flesette Visible Repair Eye Cream and Galvanic Intensifier Set, $159, on Asian Beauty X and it really changed my life!


What's In The Box?

One of Flesette's best sellers, the Visible Repair Replenishing Eye Cream and Galvanic Intensifier Set actually comes with two tubes of their award-winning eye cream and a Galvanic Intensifier attachment (more on that later) that screws onto the top of the tube.

The two tubes of eye cream that come in this bundle are the standard Flesette Visible Repair Eye Cream, $55, which you can purchase separately once you have finished what’s bundled inside. They can also be used on their own without the Galvanic Intensifer. So if you’re traveling light, you could just bring the cream along with you.


What Is A Galvanic Intensifier?

But by far, the most curious and interesting item in this bundle has got to be the Galvanic Intensifer. This slick looking attachment is operated with a small replaceable coin cell battery. So once you’ve finished using the bundled creams, you can just purchase the more affordable individual tubes and keep making use of the attachment.


Flesette Galvanic Intensifier


So what is this Galvanic Intensifier attachment and what does it do? Well, I had to actually look up the science behind it. To the layman, it just appears to be a simple “eye massager” but it is actually a lot more than that.

The Galvanic Intensifier utilises the bioelectric current in your body to create a potential difference on the skin thereby increasing the absorption of the active ingredients in the cream and drawing it to the lower dermal layers in their ionic form.

This ionisation and improved absorption improves the efficacy of the active ingredients. Unlike using the eye cream, any eye cream, by itself, this attachment will help your skin absorb the creams better without leaving a residue which is ideal if you’re layering on your makeup after.


First Impressions

The light grey tubes have a soft touch rubber texture that feels luxurious. The GI attachment had some heft to it and felt expensive in my hands and it was really easy to get started. You just have to uncap the cream and screw on the attachment and you’re ready to go.

The eye cream is packed with plant stem cells, 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid, other anti ageing active ingredients. These ingredients help to deliver moisture to the skin, lighten and reduce wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area.

I first tried it without the GI attachment and I love the eye cream’s fresh scent and rich creamy texture. The cream felt light on the skin despite its richness and was absorbed quickly without leaving any stickiness.

Flesette Visible Repair Replenishing Eye Cream

On my second try, I used the GI attachment with it. A gentle squeeze pushes the eye cream through the GI attachment to the applicator head. Because it uses your body current (I assumed), you need to hold the device at a specific zone. The device is activated automatically when you touch the applicator head to your skin.

It was really easy to use with the device and it gave off a gentle vibration that was quite comforting. I did feel the gentle massage to be rather therapeutic and you can also use it to “soften” laugh lines and other frown lines on your brow.

I massaged softly for around 30s around each eye. Just be careful here as the skin around the eye is thinner and more delicate. So, gentle dabbing and massaging is great but refrain from rubbing and be careful not to stretch the skin excessively during application.

Because the GI attachment uses the body’s potential difference to draw the active ingredients into the skin, you can be gentle and let the GI attachment work its magic!

I was rather pleased with the immediate results as the eye cream hydrated my eye area really well. It was absorbed well (I usually wait about 1 min for the eye cream to be fully absorbed before applying my concealer) and blended really well with my concealer. Most importantly, it doesn't crease!


Awesome Results, Great Value

In the pursuit of the perfect eye cream that can moisturise and brighten my eye area but also doesn’t crease under concealer and makeup, I’ve tried out numerous brands and products and am no stranger to paying over a hundred dollars at Sephora for an eyecream. This is why, for me, at the price of $159, this set is a steal!

After using it for more than a week, there was noticeable firming around my eye area. When I met up with a friend over coffee that week, she made a passing remark about the absence of my dark circles - a constant struggle for me - despite having to work and taking care of my kids which is probably the highest praise I can give to this eye cream.

Unsurprisingly, this eye cream has been getting a lot of attention winning the Best Eye Treatment Facial Device 2021, Expert and Editor's Pick, by The Singapore Women’s Weekly. I am so glad that I have finally found a product that works well for me!

If you face the same skin problems as me, do give the Flesette ​Visible Repair Replenishing Eye Cream and Galvanic intensifier set a try! This cream is now my daily ritual. Pair this with luxurious lashes from @TheBarbieLash and I guarantee you will have the fleekest peepers in the street!

About the writer
Adeline Miller

A master of all trades, Adeline Miller, is not only a lifestyle influencer; she is also her very own lady boss with her lash business @TheBarbieLash. Hit her up to get the fleekest eyelash in town!

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