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What You Need To Know About Face Mists

02 Nov 2021 - By Hanna Wee

From beauty blogs to social media, face mists have been the talk of the beauty town. If you don't have one in your skincare collection yet, you’re seriously missing out! Here’s the 4-1-1 on what it's all about and how face mists can help you achieve your skincare goals.

Since I started using face misters several years ago, it has become an important step in my facial skincare routine, as indispensable as my favourite cleansers and creams. But I wasn’t immediately convinced. Like many, I thought them gimmicky and just another way for the beauty companies to part me from my hard-earned money. 

But as I got into it, I started to realise that face misters are one of the most convenient and versatile products that you can have in your beauty arsenal. Not only is there one to suit almost every skin type and concern, but they are also convenient to carry around and apply whenever you feel the need to. It can deliver a quick skin boost and many have fragrances that invigorate and refresh the senses too!

Now, you would find anywhere between two to four face misters at my desk on an average day but today, as this article is being put together, on my desk sits no less than 14 face misters. That’s probably excessive but many beauty pros, including yours truly, spritz regularly and if you aren’t doing it yet then read on to find out what you’re missing out on!


What Are Face Mists?

Traditionally, face mists are water-based liquid formulations packed in convenient “spray” bottles that expel a fine mist over your skin. They aren’t going to replace your regular skincare products like your moisturisers and essences but many do contain active skincare ingredients that deliver skin benefits such as hydration or nourishment and can supplement your existing skincare routine. 

Besides providing some mid-day refreshment, misters are very versatile and can be used in between facial skincare steps to moisten your skin, under your makeup or over, to give it a refresh. It can even be used to dilute other products before application, on its own to cool and calm irritated skin, particularly useful in sunny Singapore. The frequency, how and why is totally up to you!

To many skeptics, face mists are nothing more than “fancy water” created by capitalistic minded beauty brands and that isn’t entirely untrue. “Face mists can deliver a hydration boost and help soothe sensitive or irritated skin but only if they contain humectants like glycerine or hyaluronic acid that can hydrate and retain moisture.” according to Jun Heesook, Founder of active-lifestyle skincare brand, Solyph.

“But if the mister does not contain the right active ingredients,” continues Heesook, “your skin will not hold on to the moisture and will just evaporate off your skin, actually making it drier. This is especially damaging if you are spending long periods of time under the sun.“

As with all your facial skincare products, understanding the product and the skin concern or goal you have in mind is key to getting the most out of your skincare routine and your money. Humidifying mists that include humectants can actually increase hydration levels in the skin and some misters also contain occlusives such as dimethicone or mineral oil that also seals in that moisture.

Occlusives can even temporarily smooth your complexion, minimise the appearance of fine lines and give your skin a plumped-up appearance. Particularly handy if you’re looking for a refreshing skin boost in between meetings or before that big interview or your next CMB date.

Different kinds of face mists can also deliver benefits that target specific skin concerns such as dull and uneven complexion or sensitive and irritable skin. With so many options available, if you’re considering incorporating face mists into your daily skincare routine steps, read the labels and understand and pick one that has the right ingredients to deliver on your skincare goals.


Common Benefits Of Face Mists

Beyond the convenience and versatility of face mists, this skincare product has numerous skin benefits depending on what active ingredients are used to formulate them. There are as many options available so consider your skin’s needs and lifestyle habits before choosing. Here’s a shortlist of benefits that you can get out of your face mists and what to look out for.


01 Soothe Sensitive Skin

Ever had an unexpected rash or an adverse skin reaction in the middle of the day but you couldn’t do anything about it? Well, that’s one reason to have a face mister handy. If your skin is prone to sensitivity, the right face mist not only brings cooling relief but can contain active ingredients that can help soothe irritation, reduce redness and replenish moisture.

Avoid misters with potential irritants like alcohol and artificial fragrances, and instead, choose a natural formulation with gentle and soothing ingredients that have cooling and anti-inflammatory properties such as Aloe Vera and Lotus Leaf Extracts. The Jeju Lotus Leaf and Camellia Mist is one such mister that combines White Lotus and calming and moisturising Camellia that can bring relief to dry and sensitive skin types.

Lotus Face Mist Facial Skin Care


02 Instant Hydration

In sunny Singapore, it is near impossible to escape getting charred by the scorching sun. With sunny weather pretty much the whole year round, our skin is constantly under distress. That’s another good reason to always have a hydrating face mist handy at your office desk or in your handbag or gym bag. An occasional spritz throughout the day will keep your skin in peak condition.

Look for one that is alcohol-free as alcohol can actually dehydrate your skin further. Also, make sure that the face mist you choose contains humectants - an ingredient that attracts moisture to itself - like Glycerin or Panthenol. One particularly popular humectant is Hyaluronic Acid that can be found in Isntree’s Hyaluronic Acid Water Mist


03 Prevent Moisture Loss

Antithetical to the scorching sun are the thousands of malls and offices and their supercharged air conditioning that can cause our skin to lose moisture at an accelerated rate. Choosing a face mist with an occlusive or emollient like Squalane or Propanediol can help trap the moisture in your skin keeping it soft and supple through the day.

The added benefit to face mists that contain these ingredients is that they can also give your skin a temporary cosmetic benefit, smoothing your complexion for a more youthful appearance. The Visible Repair Milky Way Cera Mist contains 5 types of Ceramides, a powerful occlusive, and is one mister that works well if you spend long hours in air-conditioned environments.

Visible Repair Milky Way Cera Mist


04 Improve Absorption Of Other Products

Some face mists like the Cellus Mist Toner from Lagom were specifically formulated to fit into your daily skincare routine steps. Used right after the cleansing stage, it helps rehydrate your skin preparing it for your follow on skin routine helping your skin to absorb your skincare treatments better. If you use an astringent, alcohol-based toner, a face mist like the Cellus Mist Toner can also help to give your skin a hydration boost with a healthy dose of other skin benefits.

Lagom Cellus Mist Toner Skin Care

Mist Toners are relatively rare and though many face misters tout themselves as replacements or alternatives for toners, they are not the same thing as Toners and Mist Toners are specifically formulated to be used on completely cleansed skin. Mist Toners, however, can be used in place of your regular face misters. So if you’re concerned that you have too many products, a Mist Toner would be a good choice.


05 Other Skin Benefits

There are a multitude of other skin concerns that face mists can help address such as brightening dull skin, preventing ageing, nourishing and promoting skin health, protecting your skin against environmental stressors and more. Ultimately what you choose to use would depend a lot on your skin needs and lifestyle routine. After all, you can’t be lugging 5 face mists everywhere you go!

As face mists are convenient - you can apply them in the office or just about anywhere you are - incorporating these face mists that target these specific concerns can help improve your skincare outcomes or achieve your skincare goals quicker as long as you don’t replace your regular routine with them.

face mists facial skin care

Between the immediate relief and the myriad of skin benefits that face mists can bring to the (vanity) table, they are convenient tools that are fun to use. Their ease of use means that you use them more, making them awesome products to have around, especially for lazy people like me! So what are you waiting for? Don’t “mist” out! 

Shop all your facial misters need here.

About the writer
Hanna Wee

Hanna is a writer, dog-lover, and beauty connoisseur. Outside of writing, she spends most of her time snuggling her cocker spaniel pup, trying all kinds of fitness classes, and attempting to learn to cook.

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