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Say Bye To Sensitive Skin And Acne With Lagom's Cica Range

24 Jul 2021 - By Min Linn Let

For those who have long suffered with sensitive or acne-prone skin, Cica or Centella Asiatica might be a skincare ingredient you are already familiar with but if you haven’t yet worked Cica into your skincare routine, here are two great reasons from Lagom that might change your mind.


Known for its minimalist skincare line that focuses on quality and efficacy rather than fancy packaging and trendy ingredients, it came as a bit of a surprise when we found out that Lagom had jumped on the Cica bandwagon with its latest offerings, the Cellus Sensitive Cica Cream and the Cellus Sensitive Cica Powder.

But studies have shown that Cica isn’t just a passing fad. Centella Asiatica, more commonly known as Cica, is a medicinal herb that has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and other traditional Asiatic medicines. More often found in Asian skincare brands, Cica has grown in popularity over the last few years. 

Cica is rich in amino acids, beta carotene and numerous other potent phytochemicals and its extracts are known to calm inflammation, speed wound healing, stimulate cell regeneration, build collagen and improve circulation. Few medicinal herbs have as long a history as Centella Asiatica which is surprising given its more recent popularity in skincare.

Created specifically to treat sensitive and acne-prone skin, these two latest products from Lagom are imbued with a plethora of skincare benefits thanks to its hero active, Cica. We tried these two products out for a month, read on to find out more!


Cellus Sensitive Cica Cream

lagom cellus sensitive cica cream

The Cellus Sensitive Cica Cream is one product that uses Cica as one of its primary active ingredients. It is a moisturising treatment cream that can be used for a variety of skin ailments or simply to promote healthy and youthful looking skin. Beyond keeping your skin soft and supple, this cream can also help treat and bring relief to those who suffer from eczema and psoriasis.

With their signature minimalistic packaging with a matte touch, the Cellus Sensitive Cica Cream had a posh simplicity to it. The Cica Cream comes in the form of a tube, which is much more hygienic than a bottle, as it reduces the risk of contamination, though it does make it hard to squeeze out every last bit of the cream.

Formulated with four core elements of the Super Cica 4 - Madecassoside to protect, Madecassic Acid to strengthen, Asiatic Acid to relieve hypersensitivity and Asiaticoside to restore skin health - it’s a magical concoction that targets sensitive or acne-prone skin. It is further fortified with other plant-based extracts to help suppress excessive sebum production, acne triggers and relieve blemishes. Ceramide and Panthenol are also present to aid in hydration and locking in moisture.

True to their minimalistic vision, this moisturising cream did not have any artificial fragrance or colour added to it. It was a plain ole cream, a perfect companion for sensitive skin caused by hormonal or environmental stressors. The Cellus Sensitive Cica Cream is a vegan option and cruelty free making it great for those looking for an animal-friendly option.

The cream has a velvety texture, that is smooth and spreads easily and evenly over my skin and it did not leave any sticky residue or tackiness. Absorbed quickly, it felt light on the skin making it ideal as a day moisturiser or for use under makeup especially in our humid tropical weather.


Cellus Sensitive Cica Powder

lagom cellus sensitive cica powder skincare

The Cellus Sensitive Cica Powder is all about its namesake, Centella Asiatica. Meant to be used as a spot treatment or as a booster for your other skincare products, it is a dry, white powder that comes in a tiny bottle with a screw-on cap. Small and compact, it is very travel-friendly and would fit easily into any vanity bag.

Similar to its counterpart, it is formulated with the Super Cica 4 elements. However, the powder is much more concentrated than the cream, and so, a little goes a long, long way. To use it as a spot treatment, dampen a bit of the powder with a tiny bit of water, hydrating toner or a facial mist and mix it into a light paste before applying it to the problem area. For blemishes, I found that putting a bit on my finger tip before dampening it with a facial mist worked best for me.

As a booster for your other skincare products, just mix in the desired amount with your moisturiser, toner or cleanser before applying it. Personally, it felt a bit of a waste mixing it with our cleanser since you wash it off after so I mixed it mostly with my hydrating toner or moisturiser. 

The powder was very fine and had a texture that was so soft that you could have mistaken it for baby powder. Because of this softness and finess, mixing a small amount of the powder with my moisturiser or hydrating toner was a breeze. It dissolved almost immediately and blended nicely together without leaving any lumps.


Now, You Might Be Wondering Which To Get

But before I answer that, here’s a little background of my skin. Though it is not acne-prone, my skin tends to get a little inflamed and red, particularly on my cheeks and around my nose due to irritation. Furthermore, having to wear a mask out every day, my skin has started to flare up more frequently than usual.

So, in my attempt to reduce my flare-ups, I used both products nightly, first by applying the Cellus Sensitive Cica Cream only to targeted spots on my cheeks and sides of my nose after cleansing and toning, followed by mixing the Cellus Sensitive Cica Powder to my moisturiser and applying it evenly over my face. My skin was less irritated and inflamed and my skin felt more hydrated with skin flare ups and maskne became a lot less frequent.

Now, to answer your question on which to get, I feel it is really a personal choice of whether you would prefer it in a powder or cream form. Personally, I preferred using the powder to the cream as there was no need for me to do an extra step of applying another layer of skincare product on my face. It was also more convenient for me to bring along to stay-cays and sleepovers too.

If you are looking to replace your existing  daily moisturising cream then the Cellus Senstive Cica Cream would be a good option but if you are looking for an occasional calming treatment when needed, the Cica Powder would be a more affordable and versatile tool to have in your skincare cabinet.

For those looking for a fuss free product to incorporate into your daily skincare routine either or even both of these would be perfect for you! The Cellus Sensitive Cica Cream is available for an affordable $45 for 60ml while the Cellus Sensitive Cica Powder goes for $26.

About the writer
Min Linn Let

Linn Let Min, a girl born in Myanmar but raised in Singapore. She makes it her mission to embark on a new adventure every day and not to waste her youth. Her motto in life would be to "live in the moment, think later".

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