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14 Jun 2019
Product Review



More than a broad-spectrum chemical sunscreen that protects against UVA and UVB rays, this sunscreen lotion helps to soothe skin and deeply moisturise too.

By Harper Ng

Need sunscreen. Buy sunscreen. Apply sunscreen. Buying sunscreens use to be a simple affair. We had only needed to consider the SPF level and scent, ever. Now, with advances in cosmetic science, there are a lot more factors to consider: the finishing feel of the sunscreen on your skin, its texture and spreadability, whether it has anti-ageing/radiant-enhancing/moisturising/anti-acne/soothing ingredients, if it suits your skin type and condition, its ability to survive water and sweat, if it allows makeup to go on easily, and so on.


We’re not complaining about these new iterations (hooray to no more smelling like a coconut!) but we must admit that finding a sunscreen that works for our skin can be a challenge. Enter the Lagom Cellus Sun Gel SPF 50+ PA+++, a face sunscreen lotion, which offers high broad-spectrum protection from UVA and UVB rays. This sunscreen formula contains octinoxate, octocrylene and octisalate that are chemical UV filters, which are absorbed into the skin.


Asian Beauty X - Lagom Cellus Sun GelSafe for use on sensitive skin, the Lagom Cellus Sun Gel is a moisturising sunscreen that works to leave the skin supple and comfortable. In an effort to improve the distribution of moisture, this SPF product contains Aqualicia®, a hydrolysed acacia macrostachya seed extract, to stimulate and boost the activity of hydration markers inside the skin. This helps to maintain a healthy skin barrier, allowing the skin to better retain moisture. It is said to maintain moisture levels in the skin, even after the sunscreen has been washed off. The sunscreen also contains urea, a humectant that not only binds moisture to the skin but also gently exfoliates to regulate the skin renewal process so that dead skin cells are removed and new skin cells can move to the skin surface readily.


Asian Beauty X - Lagom Cellus Sun GelWhether you are using the Lagom Cellus Sun Gel directly on cleansed skin, or over your skin prepped with serums and moisturiser, this sunscreen spreads out easily over the skin. It has a lotion texture that feels like a lightweight moisturiser. While it had a sheer whitish appearance when you first apply it, that chalky tint disappeared once the application is done and the product is absorbed.


The sunscreen dries down to a soft matte finish. As matte-finish products almost always leave the skin dry, and sometimes, even uncomfortably tight, you’ll be pleasantly surprised this sunscreen doesn’t make your skin feel dry at all. In fact, it lives up to its moisturising claims and doesn’t leave skin feeling dry at all. It leaves your skin comfortably hydrated throughout the day.


While it is said that chemical UV filters can cause irritations like stinging, burning, itching or redness, this chemical sunscreen didn’t irritate our tester who has eczema and combination skin. Good for all skin types, the sunscreen works brilliantly as a makeup primer, and even creates a natural-looking glow after the foundation has been applied. If you like essential oils, you might also enjoy the soothing, subtle lavender-citrus scent of this sunscreen, which in a way—as the last step of any skincare routine—brings a beautiful end to your daily beauty ritual.



The Lagom Cellus Sun Gel SPF 50+ PA+++ ($36) is now available on

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