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Give Your Skin An Indulgent With These Ice Cream Masks From I Dew Care

04 Jan 2021 - By Stacy Lui

These fun ice-cream inspired wash-off masks from indie South Korean brand,  I Dew Care, promises to take the monotony out of your daily routine and turn every skincare opportunity into an instagrammable moment to cherish.


Recent years have seen an explosion of sheet mask options driven by the K-Beauty craze but there are many benefits to a good wash-off facial mask too. For one, it’s much easier to multitask while “masking” with a wash-off mask versus a sheet mask where you’re constantly adjusting to make sure the mask fits into all the necessary contours. 

I Dew Care Ice Cream Collection Cake My Day Matcha Mood Berry Groovy

We were recently sent the Ice Cream Collection of wash-off masks -  Cake My Day, Matcha Mood and Berry Groovy - from I Dew Care. This playful indie brand from South Korea is known for their trendy and quirky skincare products that are both affordable and effective and we tried it out for a week. Read on to find out more but fair warning, they are addictive!


Cake My Day Hydrating Sprinkle Wash Off Mask

The first mask and probably the most interesting mask that we tried was the Cake My Day Hydrating Sprinkle Wash-off Mask. This mask is a hydrating mask that is formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Squalene and Glacier Water, common hydrating and anti ageing ingredients that you will find in many moisturising skin care products.

What struck me when I opened the jar was the smell and appearance of its contents. This mask smells and looks like the frosting that you might typically find on a birthday cake and was a treat for my senses. The texture was creamy and a little on the light side like a soft serve ice cream and there were even hydrating rainbow sprinkles mixed in to complete the theme.

The soft serve texture of this mask made easier by the Silicon Pack Brush, $29, provided by I Dew Care, was easy to apply and I did not have any problems getting an even application of the mask. Removal was just as easy with a quick wash and it did not leave any uncomfortable residue even though I only used warm water.

While this mask left my skin moisturised and feeling supple, you would still need to follow up with the rest of your skincare routine. Nevertheless, for its price, the Cake My Day Wash-off Mask represented decent value for a quality product and I had a little bit of #selfie fun with it. 

Hyaluronic Acid - Moisturising ingredient that nourishes and plumps your skin for a soft, supple and healthier skin.

Squalene - Provides deep hydration and improves moisture retention for a longer lasting effect.

Glacier Water - Moisturising component filled with natural minerals that help keep skin plump and hydrated.


Matcha Mood Soothing Green Tea Wash Off Mask

I Dew Care Matcha Mood Soothing Green Tea Wash Off Mask

Next up was the Matcha Mood Soothing Green Tea Wash-off Mask, a soothing green tea based facial treatment infused with antioxidant rich Matcha, soothing Aloe Vera and Centella Asiatica and all kinds of other skin goodies! To be honest, even though the Matcha scent on this product was a little artificial, it wasn’t difficult at all for a Matcha-maniac like me to fall in love.

In comparison to Cake My Day, Matcha Mood appeared to have a slightly thicker texture and a more “clay-ey” consistency. However, it was still easy to apply, especially with my trusty Silicon Brush and after 5-10 mins, it was just as easy to rinse off with some lukewarm water.
The Matcha Mood Soothing Green Tea Mask left a cool sensation over my skin with a mild, refreshing scent that had a nice and calming effect. It left my skin looking a little brighter and slightly dewy which was a plus. But having used it after a mid day cycle at East Coast Park, I was thoroughly impressed by the Matcha Mood’s soothing abilities.

Green Tea Extract - A powerful antioxidant known to soothe and revitalise the skin while protecting the skin against free radicals.

Aloe Vera, Centella Asiatica - Soothing and calming, helps restore balance to sensitive or irritated skin for all skin types.

Glacier Water and Glycerin - Moisturising component filled with natural minerals that help keep skin plump and hydrated.


Berry Groovy Brightening Wash Off Mask

I Dew Care Berry Groovy

Trying out the first two wash-off masks from I Dew Care had left expectations at a high level as I opened up the third and final variation, the Berry Groovy Brightening Wash-off Mask and I wasn’t disappointed. 

While the Cake My Day had a unique cake scent and the Matcha Mood, a pleasant albeit slightly artificial scent, the Berry Groovy Wash-off Mask had a sweet berry scent that was my favourite - even for this matcha-maniac - among the three.

The texture was similar to the Matcha Mood and the colour…. ooh the colour… between a pink and a peach, this product had the prettiest colour. I know this isn’t usually something one would look at when selecting a skincare product but with such a uniquely inspired skincare line, I couldn’t help but choose a favourite!


I Dew Care Berry Groovy


Purpose formulated to help brighten dull skin and smooth uneven skin tone, this antioxidant rich facial treatment contains a mixture of berry extracts including Raspberry, Cranberry, Pomegranate, and Japanese Cornelian Cherry to revitalise your skin.

The inclusion of Glycolic Acid and Strawberry Seeds in this brightening facial treatment to gently exfoliate and aid skin renewal was also a nice touch! And just like the Matcha Mood, this wash-off mask goes on easy and rinses off even more easily. 

It left a subtle sweet berry scent after being rinsed off and my skin felt smoother and visibly lighter. I am not one to usually make big claims about brightening products after only a few uses but this is definitely a product that I would recommend you give a try to see if it works for you.

Glycolic Acid - Promotes natural exfoliation and diminishes dullness for a brighter complexion.

Strawberry Seeds - A physical exfoliant that gently massages and exfoliates to help reveal healthy skin cells and improve skin texture.

Glacier Water - Moisturising component filled with natural minerals that help keep skin plump and hydrated.

Berry Extracts - Rich in antioxidants to help protect the skin against free radical damage and to brighten the skin for a radical glow.


Final Thoughts

Try on a sheet mask and you might find your movement immediately restricted - like a cat with a towel over its head - as you constantly adjust the fit of the mask to make sure that your skin gets maximum contact with the serum soaked mask. That is why a good wash-off mask might still be something that you will want to have handy in your skincare arsenal.

Each of these uniquely named wash-off masks is formulated to help target different types of skin concerns. Packaged in colourful and attractive little jars reminiscent of miniature ice cream tubs, these ice cream themed wash-off masks not only look great and work great but also smell awesome!

I Dew Care Ice Cream Wash Off Mask Collection

Just a quick note here, I would not describe the scents as being “subtle” and if you are not one who likes strong fragrances in your skincare routine then you might want to look elsewhere. Having said that, the Ice Cream Collection is an undeniably fun skincare line - perfect for a girls only sleepover - and I had tons of fun playing around with them.

I was particularly impressed by I Dew Care’s attention to detail and commitment to the ice cream inspired concept and one can only imagine that that same attention to detail was placed in the efficacy of the skin care formulations. 

I Dew Care Mini Scoops Wash Off Mask

 If you aren’t sure which ones might work for you, why not try all three with the Mini Scoops Wash-off Mask, $42 -  a collection of all 3 miniatures. Perfect for taking on your travels or multimasking routines.


The Cake My Day, Matcha Mood and Berry Groovy Wash-off Masks are now available exclusively on www.asianbeautyx.com.

About the writer
Stacy Lui

Stacy Liu, an American-born Chinese, is the beauty editor at Asian Beauty X obsessively writing about new beauty launches, the best hair products, and the skincare formulas that really work for every skin type.

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