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A Round Up of Minimis’ Natural 4-Step Skincare Routine

15 Mar 2022 - By Hanna Wee

Minimis by Cabanee Organics is a holistic Canadian skincare label with a focus on natural ingredients sourced from Canada’s great outdoors. Recently launched here in Singapore, we tried out Minimis’ 4-step skincare routine. Read on for our round-up! 


As the demand for clean and conscious beauty products continues to gather pace, we’ve seen an ever growing assortment of clean, vegan, natural and other conscious brands and products launching in the market and one such brand is Mimimis by Cabanee Organics.

Hailing from the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada, Minimis was founded by two sisters who were looking to tap the abundance of natural ingredients that can be found in the vast Canadian wilderness. The range features natural ingredients such as Meadowfoam, Lavender, Sweet Grass, Jojoba and Witch Hazel amongst others in a simple 4-step skincare routine that promises to save you time and money without compromising on the results.

vancouver canada wildlife

Eschewing all the marketing fluff of the beauty industry, the 4 products in this routine are simply named M01 The Cleanser, M02 The Hydrator, M03 The Moisturizer and M04 The Rejuvenator. Read on for our short review of what each of this product is and does!


Étape Un: M01 The Cleanser

The first step in this routine is the M01 The Cleanser. It’s a 2-in-1 facial cleanser that can also be used to remove makeup and comes in a 118ml glass bottle with a pump dispenser. It’s a unique beige colour and has a consistency that is akin to a light lotion. This cleanser has a familiar and pleasant, sweet aroma that somehow reminded me of spring.

Minimis M01 The Cleanser

The M01 The Cleanser features a host of common natural ingredients that you might already be familiar with such as Jojoba, Camellia, Lavender, Bergamot, Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera and Green Tea. But it also has a few unique ingredients that are worth mentioning here:

  • Patchouli Oil - A powerful anti-ageing agent, Patchouli not only heals and detoxes your skin, it also contains active compounds that stimulate muscle contractions to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Goji Berry - Helps reduce wrinkles and pigmentation for a smoother, more even complexion. It also helps improve elasticity and can protect your skin against environmental stressors.
  • Ho Wood Oil - A natural anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-fungal, Ho Wood Oil helps support healing and protects your skin against other irritants.
  • Vegan Squalane - A popular and proven hydrating ingredient traditionally extracted from shark livers - yes, you read that right - Vegan Squalane is unique in that it is derived from plant sources.

Like many other natural cleansers that lack common surfactants, the M01 The Cleanser does not lather into a thick foam. Nevertheless, because of the oils in this cleanser, the lather felt dense and rich on my skin and was effective at removing makeup, dirt and other skin debris. Unlike other natural cleansers with natural oils, it did not leave any noticeable residue behind and my skin felt soft and hydrated even after a double cleanse. 


Étape Deux: M02 The Hydrator

Step 2, M02 The Hydrator is something of an enigma. Part toner, part serum/essence, it comes in a 60ml clear glass bottle with a dropper. It is a colourless liquid that looks like water but with a thicker consistency that is barely noticeable. Because of its watery consistency, I found it easier to dispense the product into the palm of my hands before applying like I would a regular toner instead of dropping it directly onto my skin.

Minimis M02 The Hydrator

Unlike the cleanser that felt rich and comforting, the M02 The Hydrator was light, cooling and refreshing making it the perfect follow up to the cleanser. One of the featured ingredients in this product is Sweetgrass Hydrosol that imbues it with a unique scent that’s somewhere between vanilla and warm hay. 

More importantly, Sweetgrass helps improve skin barrier function, reducing moisture loss and brightening your complexion. Joining Sweetgrass are other moisturising and skin toning ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera. Some other notable natural actives include:

  • Cucumber - Calming and hydrating, Cucumber has decent antioxidant activity and can help combat puffiness and aid acne-prone or sensitive skin by soothing and preventing flare ups.
  • Blue-Green Algae - Famed for its extremely high antioxidant activity, Blue-Green Algae like Spirulina has anti-ageing, hydrating and protective properties and can  smooth your complexion and prevent inflammation and acne breakouts.
  • Witch Hazel - Rich in Tannins, a natural plant compound with powerful antioxidant properties, Witch Hazel can relieve inflammation, reduce acne and cleanse your skin of excess oil.


Étape Trois: M03 The Moisturizer

The next step is the M03 The Moisturizer. Despite its name, the M03 The Moisturizer isn’t a moisturising cream but more of a moisturising serum that comes in an identical 60ml bottle as the hydrator from the previous step. It had a similar scent to the hydrator probably because Sweetgrass Hydrosol is also present in the M03 The Moisturizer.

Minimis M03 The Moisturizer

Unlike the hydrator, the M03 The Moisturizer is a dual layered oil-hydrosol serum with a deep golden colour and you will need to gently shake it before use. Just like the hydrator, I found it easier to dispense the product from the dropper into my palms before sweeping it over my skin.

This natural serum was easily absorbed and did a very decent job in hydrating my skin. It left a light protective layer over my skin that did not feel oily or sticky making it perfect for the humid climate here in Singapore. My skin felt hydrated and relaxed after application but those with very dry skin might want to seek out a richer moisturising serum.

In addition to Sweetgrass, the M03 The Moisturizer also counts Jojoba Oil, Vegan Squalane, Glycerine, Aloe Vera and Honeysuckle amongst its natural ingredients. Some ingredients that are of note include:


  • Vitamin E - A powerful antioxidant that, applied topically, nourishes and protects the skin from free radical damage and is proven to reduce UV damage to the skin.
  • Acai Berry Oil - Derived from the superfood, it is a natural antibacterial and can improve skin elasticity, unclog pores and support cell regeneration. Easily absorbed by the skin, it can provide relief to skin conditions like acne and psoriasis.
  • Blue Chamomile - A natural anti-inflammatory and powerful antioxidant, German Blue Chamomile can reduce puffiness and redness from rosacea, broken capillaries and skin inflammation.


Étape Quatre: M04 The Rejuvenator

The fourth and final step in this natural skincare routine is a traditional moisturising cream called the M04 The Rejuvenator. This cream comes in a 60ml tub and has an off-white appearance with a light and smooth texture that is easy to dispense and apply. Despite its light texture, it is surprisingly rich once I applied it to my skin.

As I have combination skin that is slightly on the dry side, the first time I used this cream, I made the mistake of dispensing too much. Don’t be fooled by the light texture, unlike the previous 2 steps that I found really enjoyable to use in our humid climate, the M04 The Rejuvenator is a rich moisturising cream and unless you have dry skin, a little bit of this cream goes a long way.

Nevertheless, once I got the “dosage” right, I found that my skin handled this cream really well. On days where my skin is drier than usual, I found applying an additional layer or two really easy and helpful. Despite the initial oiliness, a few minutes after application, the moisturising and protective layer formed by the cream felt dry and waxy unlike some creams that tend to remain oily through the night.

The M04 The Rejuvenator has the longest ingredients list with many of the natural ingredients used in the previous steps like Patchouli Oil, Jojoba, Vegan Squalane and more, repeated in this cream. But two standout active ingredients in this moisturising cream are:

  • Chia Seed Oil - rich in Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids to restore your skin’s moisture barrier and treat conditions like atopic dermatitis and psoriasis.  
  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil - that seals in moisture and maintains your skin’s natural balance while keeping it soft and supple.


The Final Word

Coming from Canada, a country not particularly known for its beauty brands, this is definitely one of the more unique product lines that I’ve had the fortune to review in recent years. The 4-steps are relatively uncomplicated and the products are easy to use and I can see myself using this product line in the long term.

Minimis Skincare

One of the standout traits of the Minimis range is its unique scent derived from the natural ingredients, Minimis contains no added fragrance. While I found it very pleasant, some might find it a little strong especially if you prefer un-fragranced products. However, I personally felt that the sweet scent of the Canadian wilderness added to the entire experience and gave me a sense of calm and tranquillity.

The Minimis range is clean, natural and 100% vegan, and cruelty-free. So if you are looking for a  socially conscious, natural skincare brand, I would definitely recommend the Minimis range. The natural ingredients that go into the formulations are geared towards moisturising and anti-ageing. So those looking for those specific qualities in their natural skincare products can also give this range a try.

From my initial experience, I think it will work well for most skin types but if you’re not ready to invest in the full size set, Minimis has a small trial set with all 4 products that retails for $165. I will be doing an in-depth review on each product in the near future. Subscribe to our newsletter and stay tuned!

About the writer
Hanna Wee

Hanna is a writer, dog-lover, and beauty connoisseur. Outside of writing, she spends most of her time snuggling her cocker spaniel pup, trying all kinds of fitness classes, and attempting to learn to cook.

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