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A Compilation of Korean Skincare Routines From Korean Celebrities

17 Jul 2021 - By Min Linn Let

It's easy to think that our favourite celebrities have struck the genetic lottery when we look at their "glass skin". But the truth is many of them have their unique set of skincare tips that they attribute their good skin to. Want to know the Korean celebrities' beauty secrets? Read on!


With South Korea being known as a global trendsetter in the beauty industry, these Hallyu stars have infinite access to the best products and services that help them maintain their youthful and radiant look. But the real credit goes to their discipline in strictly following skincare routine steps and observing a healthy lifestyle despite their busy schedules. Their consistency and hard work contributed to their blemish-free and dewy skin that's camera-ready even without much makeup. 

I have always been mesmerized by these celebrities’ ethereal beauty and have aspired to have flawless skin like theirs. Now that I have gotten older and much wiser, I have experimented with the crazy diets and interesting facial skincare routines that some of these stars swear by. While it wasn't easy following these Korean skincare routines, the results were pretty darn amazing!

Below are some beauty secrets that I have tried, tested and approved! Although I may not know how to dance, sing or act, I now have one thing in common with these celebrities: GLASS SKIN!


Cleansing Method (Suzy)

A former member of Miss A, Bae Suzy is known to be an all-rounder Korean celebrity who sings, dances, acts and participates in Korean variety shows. Many have seen her bare face - free of makeup - on these variety shows and can’t help but admire her radiant complexion.

Suzy owes her glowing skin to what she calls the "4-2-4" cleansing method that consists of four minutes of massaging oil all over her face, followed by two minutes of foaming cleanser, and then rinsing with water for 4 minutes - 2 minutes of lukewarm followed by 2 minutes of cold water. 

Amidst other Korean skincare routines that focus more on cleansing the face, such as the double cleansing method, this is pretty simple and easy to commit to. With this method, she ensures that her face would be clean of any makeup, debris and dirt. After all, having a clean face is the most important step in any skincare routine, be it morning or night! 


One Day, One Pack (Park Seo Joon)

One of the most admirable things about South Korea is how they break down the boundaries of masculinity because of how open men are regarding their facial appearance and skincare. Men and women alike invest hours and hours in order to get their ideal skin.

If you are a fan of the hit comedy series 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim?', it is highly likely that you are “shipping” Park Seo Joon – Park Min Young together. And as it turns out, Park Seo Joon shares one more thing in common with his leading lady which is, religiously does masking.

Popular actor Park Seo Joon swears by sheet masks, treating his face with one pack of sheet mask a day to achieve clean and glowy skin. Although masking might sound like a gimmick, it is totally worth the hype. And if the top celebrities in Korean are doing it, well, that’s a good enough reason for you to try it too!


Skincare Diet (Son Ye Jin)

Son Ye Jin, now 38 years old, looks like she hasn't aged a day since she was in her 20s. It’s surprising that the female lead of popular Korean drama "Crash Landing On You" uses a minimal and fuss-free approach to facial skincare. Whether you've seen her in person or only on screen, the first thing that strikes you is how porcelain clear her skin is.

Rather than hopping on skincare trends, Son Ye Jin focuses more on addressing specific skin concerns she has on that day. Instead of purchasing ten different products or applying the 10-step Korean skincare routine, she finds the right products for her skin needs and only has a few steps in her routine. 

To her, less is too little and more is too much. Her skincare routine consists mainly of one to two crucial and needed steps: face masks followed by a serum. On certain occasions, she also uses an age-old beauty trick of cucumber eye masks inspired by her mom in her younger days. A minimalistic skincare routine befitting for a straightforward woman like her.


Keep Your Face Wet Method (SF9 Hwiyong)

It's no secret that as an idol, spending hours dancing and sweating is a daily affair. Furthermore, having to put on makeup daily for music shows could contribute to a dull complexion. But not for Hwi Young, a member of rising Kpop idol group "SF9", otherwise also known for his signature gummy smile and being a "happy virus"!

To achieve his snow-like complexion, Hwiyoung has admitted that after washing his face twice, he would coat a layer of toner and lotion while his skin was still damp,  before his face dries up. The reason behind such a method is to lock the moisture in his skin to keep it hydrated and prevent dryness and irritation.

Washington, D.C.-based dermatologist and GW residency program director Adam Friedman says, “Letting your skin air-dry or physically drying it will desiccate the top layer of the skin, making it rigid, and can prevent proper skin cell turnover, which results in peeling.”


"Heating" Up Skincare Products

Jessica Jung, the former Girls Generation member is more than a K-pop idol. She had starred in musicals, tried her hand at acting and is now turned into a successful businesswoman with her luxury fashion label Blanc & Eclare, with it’s own skincare line too.

Like everyone else, Jessica takes skincare seriously, as evident by her extensive lineup of skincare products in her bathroom—which she applies every single night, without fail. "Korean skincare is about the daily and nightly routine, and I do it religiously," she says.

One beauty tip she swears by is "heating"" up her skincare products after application to encourage absorption. She rubs her palms together to generate a little heat and holds it over her face to open up her pores slightly, allowing her skin cells to absorb her skincare products. In a way, it has the same concept as steaming but with more convenience for a busy woman like her.

About the writer
Min Linn Let

Linn Let Min, a girl born in Myanmar but raised in Singapore. She makes it her mission to embark on a new adventure every day and not to waste her youth. Her motto in life would be to "live in the moment, think later".

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