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5 Products That Your Acne Prone Skin Needs Today

08 May 2021 - By Min Linn Let

Do you struggle with stubborn and persistent acne problems? Choosing the right product for your acne prone skin can be tricky, so we’ve narrowed down the top 5 acne busting products that will help you achieve clearer, radiant and acne free skin!


Breakouts are inevitable. This is especially so in our hot and humid weather and hasn’t been helped by the constant wearing of masks that has given rise to the dreaded maskne. The combination of sweat, heat and friction creates the perfect storm for clogged pores and bacterial growth that can further exacerbate acne problems.

Before we delve into the top 5 skincare products to tackle acne (which you can thank us for later), understanding what acne is and what triggers them would be helpful. Afterall, prevention is usually better than the cure, and in the case of acne, this is often through as acne creams and treatments can be very harsh on your skin.


So, What Is Acne?

Acne (pronounced act-nee) is a skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. There are plenty of words we can use to talk about acne, including some common terms like pimples, whiteheads, blackheads and cysts. Though they all fall under the umbrella term of acne, they are each associated with different symptoms.

To put it simply and briefly,

Pimples, also known as zits, are small papules with pus at their tips on the skin’s surface. They develop when our oil glands become clogged.

Whitehead is a clogged pore that is covered by a layer of skin.

Blackhead is a clogged pore that has been exposed to the air.

Cysts are painful, pus filled lumps deep under the surface of the skin.

Typically people with oily skin are more prone to acne due to excess oil (sebum) production. Ideally, these sebum helps keep your skin hydrated by locking in moisture and protects your skin against bacteria. However, accumulated excess oil and dead skin cells or bacterial build up from the environment can cause clogged pores, which results in swelling and redness - the start of acne.


5 Products To Help With Acne?

Though everyone's skin is different, sometimes what works for one person might just work for you too! Below, find the top acne products to tackle blemishes at any stage in any situation.


01 Aromatica Tea Tree Balancing Foaming Cleanser, $29

aromatica tea tree balancing foaming cleanser

Acnes like whitehead and blackhead are a result of clogged pores. It is therefore essential to ’unclog’ pores and keep them clear by cleansing, the first and most important step of any skincare routine. Using the right cleanser helps to effectively remove dead skin cells and impurities that accumulated throughout the day.

The Aromatica Tea Tree Balancing Foaming Cleanser formulated with tea tree oil, famed for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, is ideal for acne prone skin. This gentle foaming cleanser removes sebum, dirt and other impurities off your skin without stripping away your skin’s natural oils leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

Tip: Don’t over-cleanse as it can cause your skin to produce more oil and excess oil can in turn lead to acne!


02 Anua Heartleaf Soothing Toner, $37

anua heartleaf soothing toner

Cleansing the top surface of your skin is never enough. Tonera help to remove remaining impurities from our pores. In fact, Toners can close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing, reducing the penetration of impurities and environmental contaminants into the skin.

The Heartleaf Soothing Toner from Anua is a moisturing toner infused with Houttuynia Cordata  or Heartleaf Extracts that help calm and detoxify skin to prevent acne outbreaks. Heartleaf extract has astringent properties that can effectively but gently, deep cleanse pores while regulating excess sebum production.


03 Lagom Cellus Mild Moisture Cream, $56

lagom cellus mild moisture cream

It may seem counterintuitive to reach for a moisturiser when your face is producing too much natural oil. But, in fact, your oily skin may just be a cry for hydration. Your glands may be producing more oil than normal to hydrate your dry skin.

Give this lightweight Mild Moisturising Cream from Lagom a try. It is formulated with Green Tea Callus Culture that is rich in antioxidants to soothe and revitalize your skin, Witch Hazel and Taurine to fortify your skin and leave it feeling moisturised, clear and decongested.


04 I Dew Care Juicy Kitten Purifying Power Green Serum, $54

i dew care juicy kitten purifying power green serum

Serums can be a great solution to treat acne. The right serum helps to absorb oil, mattify the skin and treat acne breakouts. Serums contain a higher concentration of ingredients, making it more potent and are able to reach into the deeper layers of skin.

This Juicy Kitten Purifying Power Green Serum from I Dew Care is formulated with a Power Green Juice Blend that includes Kale Leaf, Spirulina and Chlorella, it not only feeds your skin with its daily greens to nourish and soothe, but also work to clarify your complexion for blemish prone skin.


05 Isntree Real Mugwort Clay Mask, $32

isntree real mugwort clay mask

If you are a busy individual looking for a quick boost to your acne prone skin, use face masks! Face masks can be an effective way to deliver a punch of nourishing ingredients to your skin. Clay masks in particular help draw out impurities, detoxify your skin and tighten your pores helping prevent further flare ups.

Formulated with a perfect combination of Mugwort and 6 different types of clays, this Real Mugwort Clay is a superstar in delivering what your skin needs. The gentle exfoliating action of this wash off mask helps remove excess sebum and dead skin cells, effectively clearing pores and minimising the chances of breakouts.


The Bottom Line

Consistency is key. Using the right products suitable for your skin is only half the battle won. It is important to have a good skincare regime and to stick with that regime every day. Sticking to a simple skincare routine which include cleansing, toning and moisturising can help control and reduce acne outbreaks.

About the writer
Min Linn Let

Linn Let Min, a girl born in Myanmar but raised in Singapore. She makes it her mission to embark on a new adventure every day and not to waste her youth. Her motto in life would be to "live in the moment, think later".

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