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Our Community Reviews Minimis 4-Step Skincare Line

12 Apr 2022 - By Hanna Wee

Founded by two sisters in Vancouver who were on a mission to build healthier skincare routines, Minimis promises natural, vegan and cruelty-free products with ingredients that reflect the beauty of Canada’s natural wonders. Our B.Cult(ure) community were the first to try them out. Read their reviews here.


Minimis brings together a unique blend of superfoods and botanicals native to Canada that celebrates the healing powers of nature. Every ingredient has been handpicked for its potency and environmental sustainability. Its key ingredients include Blue Chamomile Flowers for its anti-inflammatory properties, Chia Seed for its rich antioxidant properties and Meadowfoam Flower for its deep hydrating and moisturising properties. 

True to its philosophy of creating no-fuss and effective, natural skincare, its simple and straightforward product line consists of only 4 products to be used in sequence. Minimis’ product line is formulated with all-natural and certified organic plant-based ingredients suitable for all skin types, and help nourish, revitalise and enhance your skin’s natural properties while eliminating the complicated steps in between. 

We asked some of our B.Cult(ure) members for their reviews on Minimis and here’s what they had to say!

Caitlin Lim, @skincait

Honestly, I am an absolute sucker for anything that uses local stuff because why am I paying so much for stuff I can get anywhere else 😤✋🏻 I’ve had about a week to try Minimis, so here are some initial thoughts.

M01 The Cleanser: It’s more of a lotion, with a more milky and thick texture. It doesn’t foam or bubble at all but it feels really gentle and doesn’t strip the skin. Works as a makeup remover and cleanser in one, but of course to be safe I like to use a cleansing balm or oil before as an additional step.

M02 The Hydrator: A toner and hydrating serum in one. I thought “yeah right this isn’t going to give me sufficient hydration” because it’s so incredibly light, but I was deadass wrong 🤡 It’s really refreshing thanks to the cucumber extract, plus algae which is anti-ageing and protects skin against oxidative stress. Smells like manuka honey!

M03 The Moisturizer: This is my favourite out of the lot! Despite being labelled as a moisturiser, it’s actually a biphasic serum that has sweet grass + blue chamomile hydrosol and jojoba oil. Intensively nourishing yet ultra lightweight — you don’t even feel the heaviness from the oil layer.

M04 The Rejuvenator: This is a very thick cream, so a little goes a long way. Despite this, it absorbs nicely and isn’t greasy! I wouldn’t say it’s life-changing but it is a nice cream.

Overall, I quite enjoyed the M02 and M03 and I’d consider repurchasing the full-size. The products are simple in function, but if you’re looking for staples to add to your routine, it’s a yes from me 🤌🏻 


Sharon Lim, @sashimiskincare

I got to try 4 of Minimis products in their mini size, and I’ve been loving them all, no cap 😌

M01 The Cleanser: Anti-aging and antioxidative ingredients goji berry and green tea form the bulk of this 2-in-1 makeup remover and cleanser. It is super gentle, creamy and non-foaming, amazing for all skin types 🥰 do note this has a pretty strong “herbal/earthy” scent though!

M02 The Hydrator: Lightweight, hydrating and moisturizing, everything a hydrator should be and moreeee. Also, it is formulated with sweet grass, an antiseptic that fights acne causing bacteria 🤺

M03 The Moisturizer: Facial moisturizer and serum in one that nourishes and calms the skin! Contains sweet grass AND blue chamomile that helps immensely with overall redness ❤️‍🔥

M04 The Rejuvenator: Quickly becoming one of my top night creams. It is ultra nourishing but never greasy - I love using this every night, even on retinol nights! 🤌🏻❤️ Also contains healthy oils like jojoba and meadowfoam that plumps up skin and supports collagen production. Easily my favourite of the 4 products!


Joni Soh, @jonisohys

I had the opportunity to try out Cabanee Organics’ Minimis skincare line and I’d have to say I'm sold. 

I love how the cleanser is non-stripping, but still does a great job at removing my makeup. However, my favourite of the lot is the hydrator because of how well it absorbs into the skin, leaving it plump and glowy ✨ 

Overall, this skincare line is really so fuss free, perfect to use after long school days since I don’t have the energy to do my usual 7 step routine.


Jessamine Tay, @jessyjesssjess

My new 4-step skincare routine from Minimis that I’ve been using for the past few weeks.

Minimis is a minimalist skincare line that only consists of 4 products: Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser & Rejuvenator (cream) and they are formulated with a unique blend of superfood and botanical oils to provide your skin with a clean and vegan treat.

The M01 The Cleanser has a smooth texture with a natural herb/lavender scent which smells and feels so good that I can’t get enough! Following the Cleanser is the M02 The Hydrator which gives me a fresh feeling after applying it! It is very lightweight and has a subtle, natural scent that leaves my skin dewy. Next up is the M03 The Moisturiser which is a light facial oil that absorbs fast into my skin without leaving an oily layer. My skin feels dewy and plumped after use. Lastly, the M04 The Rejuvenator that has a smooth buttery texture that’s good for dry skin like mine. I often use it at night so it’ll stay moisturised till morning. Also obsessed with the moisturiser’s natural lavender scent too!

Overall, I enjoyed using The Mini’s from Minimis because of their natural scents and organic ingredients. It relaxes me in the evening and leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and moisturised! Definitely worth it!


Alicia Hong, @aliciahongyx

Always on the lookout for new skincare and recently I’ve been using Minimis Skincare via @abx.official.

The Minis is a set of 4 products for a minimalistic skincare routine suitable for all skin types, formulated with natural and organic ingredients. What I love about this series is the key ingredients in each product such as jojoba oil, witch hazel and squalene that leaves your skin feeling refreshed and radiant. It’s also good to take note that these products are scented due to the natural ingredients used!

Overall, a great option if you’re looking for clean, vegan skincare products, the small size also makes it great for travel ☁️


Trilly Lian, @heytrilly

I thrive when my skin thrives ✨

I’ve been treating my skin to some organic goodness from Minimis, a skincare range from @cabaneeorganics for the past week and my skin has definitely been enjoying the new routine. My skin type is dry and dull, so when I was trying the Minimis range, I was looking out for any signs of brightening and long-lasting moisture💧

This 4-step skincare range definitely checks the hydration box because my skin still feels supple after a day at work! I’ve also noticed that my concealer is a lot less cakey after a long day and I’m definitely giving credit to my skincare that helped to keep my skin moisturised! For the brightening effects, I think it’s a lil’ too soon to tell  but my skin does look more supple and I think it’s because it’s sufficiently hydrated!

I’m excited to see what the Minimis range will do for my skin as I continue to use it — it’s formulated with a bunch of superfoods so I'm very hopeful!

About the writer
Hanna Wee

Hanna is a writer, dog-lover, and beauty connoisseur. Outside of writing, she spends most of her time snuggling her cocker spaniel pup, trying all kinds of fitness classes, and attempting to learn to cook.

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